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J. Ludwig MUTH


1841 - ____

Father: Johannes MUTH
Mother: Anna Margaretha SEEL

                         _Engelhard MUTH ____________+
 _Johannes MUTH ________|
|                       |_Marie Elisabetha SCHAUDEL _+
|--J. Ludwig MUTH 
|                        _Johann George SEEL ________+
|_Anna Margaretha SEEL _|
                        |_Marie Sophia MULLIN _______


[20] Civial War: Lewis Moat
Residence Trenton, MI, 19 years old. Enlisted on 8/22/1861 at Trenton as
a Private. On 9/26/1861 he mustered into "K" Co. MI 1st Cavalry. He
deserted on 8/31/1863. He was listed as: POW 8/30/1862 Bull Run, VA. We
have his papers from the National Archives from Washington D.C.